Experiental Marketing as a Service

There is no better way to communicate the value of your products or services with customers than by bringing them to their doorsteps. Through interactive demonstrations where customers can actually touch and feel your products, 925 iN Motion connects your brand to the people and offers an engaging atmosphere that is guaranteed to increase ROI while strengthening customer relationships.

We reach out to specifically targeted customers or groups to attend events with 100% focus on our clients. Each event stands on its own, capturing a more attentive audience and ensuring efficient communication, compared to the often diluted message a company conveys in a convention center. Our vehicles will be custom branded and wrapped with a client’s logo and graphics to foster brand image and further brand activation.

To add to the experience, events are not complete without catering from the best local food trucks and live entertainment.

Single events or an entire tour

For only a fraction of your trade show budget, you can create a one-of-a-kind tour across the U.S. and Canada or host a single experience your clients will love.

  • "The customer experience is the next competitive battleground and 925 iN Motion allows you to showcase your abilities and awareness by taking your product directly to your next customers doorstep."

    Paul Pluschkell, CEO, Kandy
  • "Millennials love experiences… 925 iN Motion creates the ultimate customer experience."

    VP Marketing, Fortune 100 Company
  • "Trade shows are the new billboards – it’s time to rethink how you spend your money and get a real ROI – 925 iN Motion was the solution for us!"

    Head of Product, Fortune 500 Company