Who We Are

925 iN Motion is a marketing service that can be leveraged to improve customer engagement with your products and facilitate sales growth and lead generation. We guarantee results far superior to traditional trade shows. We reach out to your customers and get top executives to attend events BEFORE the money is spent.

Our Ideal Clients

Product and Service Showcase

Companies with innovative products/services that are challenging to fully communicate to customers. Companies with continually evolving products and have a need for strong customer service. Companies whose goals including increasing product awareness, improving brand image, increasing ROI and sales, and strengthening customer relationships.

Sales Training

Companies who have continually evolving business processes and have difficulty communicating with employees in a cost-effective manner.


Companies who recruit large quantities at a time, repeatedly and operate in highly competitive industries. Recruiting firms who hire for multiple large corporations. These companies care about standing out from other recruiters and businesses and creating a pull atmosphere to ensure top talent is acquired.

Why Us?

For a new product launch, we replace the diluted trade show presence and offer centralized events with targeted results. For recruiting, we replace the competitive college career fair presence and improve upon the tired new hire process of interview after interview that often results in high turnover rates. For employee training, we offer a seamless and centralized experience that is cost efficient and results in effective communication of new policies or services to a larger audience.

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Recent Moments and Experiences