925 iN Motion is the leader in experiential marketing and mobile event services. We help our clients ditch traditional trade shows (along with bloated trade show budgets) and create a highly effective way to showcase products and services, train employees, and recruit new talent.

Depending on the needs of the client, vehicles may range from Sprinter vans to RV’s to buses and beyond.

We provide the driver who is also responsible for set-up and tear-down, and remains with the vehicle during the events to ensure all is working properly.

That varies among our clients, but typically tours run from 3 to 6 months. Usually the interest builds while on tour so you want to allow for some flexibility to add tour stops. Weather plays a large role of when and where the tours take place.

We haven’t figured out a way to drive across the oceans yet, so we’re limited to the contiguous 48 US states and Canada. For tours and events outside the US, we rent vehicles locally.

925 iN Motion owns and maintains of the vehicles. Depending on where they need to be, we have storage facilities located throughout the US.

As many as it takes! We have travelled over 40,000 miles per year for some clients.

If power is available and close by, that would be convenient, but it is not required. Our vehicles are equipped with generators.

Yes, we can provide food and drinks at events. We prefer to work with local, specialty food and beverage trucks, and will include a choice of food types to satisfy a variety of preferences.

That’s fine with us! If you’d like us to do that, we can arrange for a specialty beverage service.

Our marketing and sales team will work hands-on with our clients during planning and outreach to ensure appropriate customers are targeted and attend tour events.

Not a problem! We can hire local bands, solo performers, DJ’s, magicians, jugglers… you name it! We also are able to provide background music that’s played over one of our multiple sound systems.

While we pride ourselves on our planning and management skills, when it comes to Mother Nature, we can only do so much.
We do our best to monitor the weather channels and be prepared for inclement weather.

We’ve done everything from providing tents outside to incorporating indoor client facilities to deal with the weather and keep the event going. We always have a back-up plan.

Absolutely. We can provide you with a variety of digital media that you can use to help promote your event.

Sounds great! We can even help you design, order, and deliver branded apparel and various other items.

Our vehicles are equipped with their own Internet and Wi-Fi services. It would be helpful to our team to know the quality of cell service reception at your specific location.

Of course! Our branded vehicles are a great addition to a conference, trade show, hackathon, forum, summit, open house, etc… Quite often our vehicles are used as trade show booths.

We remain flexible to work within your event and provide that extra ‘pop’ when needed.

Depending on the event particulars, our average set up time can easily be completed within two hours.