• Dynamic scheduling and map orientation, including FAQs, forms, and approval fees
  • Idea brainstorming software using social crowdsourcing to make intelligent decisions
  • Post-event tools to assess results and boost further engagement


  • Reliable staff to drive vehicles, set up, facilitate, and tear down mobile events
  • Marketing best practices from our creative department to ensure outreach techniques are successful and appropriately targeted
  • Proven, effective templates for tour communications, both internal and external
  • Premium multi-media production services, including video communication and promotional video content for pre/post event marketing


  • Management of contracted food/beverage catering and live entertainment
  • Games and competitions with associated prizes
  • Custom apparel and branded swag for raffles and giveaways

Logistics & Planning

  • Vehicle maintenance, repairs, and compliance
  • Fuel, road and bridge tolls, insurance, registration, parking and long-term vehicle storage, and permit coordination
  • Logistics, scheduling, routing, and tour management


  • Vehicle acquisition, branding, and customization
  • Self-contained electrical power
  • Business-class LTE internet on every vehicle for reliable connectivity in any location
  • Multitude of demo stations per vehicle, each equipped with flatscreen monitors