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  • What is experiential marketing?
  • What experiential marketing means for the future of marketing
  • How we do it at 925 iN Motion


Experiential Marketing is any form of advertising that allows customers to experience a brand in physical form. Unlike email campaigns, online advertisements, or social media, experiences enable consumers to fully immerse themselves in a company’s products/services first hand.

When done correctly, experiential marketing allows more meaningful connections to be made between customers and your brand. This can be attributed to the excitement often generated at a marketing event, compared to the tired act of opening another email. The most successful experiential marketing campaigns are those which actually pull customers to an event or drive them to complete some call to action. For this reason, it is extremely critical that a company understands their audience and can pinpoint exactly what it takes to generate interest.

Marketers have learned that the channel of distribution being used to communicate with consumers is equally as important as the message itself. In the last 10 years, marketing trends have moved away from face-to-face marketing due to the higher reach accessible through online marketing efforts and social media, however, once again the tides are changing. Our email inboxes are filled with spam and clutter; it is no longer enough to send out a weekly email blast that may or may not even be opened to keep customers up to date with current business. With the constant evolution of modern technology, there are new, more efficient ways to reach larger audiences on a physical and personal level, one of which is through the incorporation of mobile event marketing.

The future of experiential marketing lies in bringing your brand on tour. 925 iN Motion specializes in customizable, experiential marketing that does just this. Musicians do it, sports teams do it, successful authors do it. It’s about time we give revolutionary and disruptive technology, medical devices, you name it, not only the attention but the hype they deserve.

925 iN Motion understands what it takes to draw a crowd at any event and ensure targeted customers are experiencing a brand to its fullest potential. We offer a fleet of customizable vehicles that can be wrapped in a company’s graphics, each equipped with a  multitude of demo stations and flat screen monitors. Each vehicle is built to handle interactive product demonstrations, hackathons, and client meetings. Different factors go into planning and executing an experiential marketing campaign, depending on the client’s end goals. 925 specializes in mobile tours geared towards showcasing products, recruiting, sales training, and more generally, brand activation. 925 iN Motion has found that B2B engagements work best when clients bring their products/services to their customer’s premise. Experience proves that hosting a lunch at a customer’s headquarters in the middle of the work day with catering from the best local food trucks is sure to turn a large audience. Drawing a crowd then presents an opportunity for customers to engage with products and services in an exciting atmosphere.

In all, shared experiences between a brand and its customers allow for more meaningful engagement than online advertising. Further, experiential marketing gives companies refreshing content to base other marketing efforts around. One mobile tour will provide content for an exciting blog series or social media campaign which can be leveraged to reach an even larger audience than those personally engaged on tour. Social media plays a massive role in the success of experiential marketing by giving customers a platform to tell a brand’s story through their own eyes, and generate marketing content based off actual, personal experiences. It is the responsibility of a company to give their customers a story worth telling— which is now accessible through a customized, experiential marketing campaign that 925 iN Motion is guaranteed to provide.